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A free site dedicated to helping the beginner.


Here you will find many helpful guides that can start you in the right direction on how to make quality recordings.


We also have a large database of free software to help get you going before you spend a dime.


Our site is all about studio tips, free software, technical concepts and equipment basics to start your experience working with music and sound engineering more easy to understand.


I am a student of audio recording and designed this web site as part of my learning in order to help others learn from my experiance.


Read the articles on recording techniques, acoustics, studio monitors, sound tips, engineering and music production guides.


Also enjoy the variety free music software downloads and midi mixing software including mastering, compression, equalizers, effects and more.

This free site is to help you understand the basics of the studio and we hope that you will become the next great music producer and audio engineer.


Many people find recording music  to be both rewarding and highly interesting .


I share that same interest with you and believe you will find some interesting tid-bits here on our site. Feel free to visit us often as we always add new features.